Pittsburgh exists because a community grew up at the point where the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers join together to form the Ohio River. Similarly, h2o Church Pittsburgh is a confluence between two local churches - h2o City Church and h2o University Church - that share a mission and vision for reaching Pittsburgh.


h2o City Church and h2o University Church operate as two separate churches, with separate budgets, leadership, staff and ministry focuses. h2o Church Pittsburgh formed out of these two churches' shared mission, values, beliefs, and desire to collaborate with each other to reach Pittsburgh. 


Currently, the main cooperative effort of our two bodies is our Sunday gatherings; but each church is also willing to serve the unique needs of the other in whatever ways that it can. For example, many of our university students serve in the city's children's ministry during our Sunday gathering, and some help out by offering free babysitting for city church members. Similarly, some city church members lead a group for our university seniors to give them practical tips on finding a job and life after college, while other city members simply just let university students come over to use their washer and dryer for a free load of laundry.

The heart of h2o Church Pittsburgh is to see local churches working together, while still allowing them to operate as individual bodies focusing on the unique rhythms and needs of the populations that they serve.


We share a mission to be life-changing disciples who are becoming like Jesus, making life-changing disciples of the people of Pittsburgh. Our vision for what it looks like to be a life-changing disciple involves:

following Jesus, being transformed, and making disciples.

Follow Jesus

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus asked people to follow him. His disciples were ordinary people just like us who knew very little about Jesus at first but were willing to learn. Ultimately, they put their faith and trust in Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. Today, Jesus is still calling people to follow Him by putting their faith and trust in the same things his original disciples did.

Be Transformed

As one begins to follow Jesus, His ways will become their ways. Ultimately, when a person has put their faith and trust in Jesus, they are indwelled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit convicts and empowers believers to increasingly love people and love God. Over time, as a person matures in their faith, they become more like Jesus in attitude, character, and conduct.

Make Disciples

Two thousand years ago, Jesus called his disciples to be people that make disciples. We believe this call for disciples to make disciples is as true today as it was 2,000 years ago for all who follow Him; the student, the parent, the worker, the minister and the retiree - everyone and anyone who has put their faith and trust in Jesus.



Both h2o City Church and h2o University Church affirm the same statement of beliefs. You can read our entire statement of beliefs by clicking the button below. You will find that we are two churches that value the Word of God as our standard for living.



The best way to get in touch with us is to contact one of our ministry team members personally. Click on the buttons below to be taken to the h2o City or the h2o University team where you'll see our pastors and team members, along with ways to contact them personally. Also listed below are our P.O. mail boxes. If you aren't sure which address you should mail something to, that's ok. Just pick one, and it'll go to the right place.

h2o City Mailing Address 

P.O. Box 8133 Pittsburgh, PA, 15217



h2o University Mailing Address 

P.O. Box 8126, Pittsburgh, PA, 15217