A Burgh is a discipleship community on mission.

Burghs are discipleship communities on mission and represent the heart and soul of h2o. They provide a way for the church to gather beyond Sunday morning. Primarily about relationships, these communities create opportunities for exploring the Bible and the Christian faith, dialoguing about life and real world issues, helping each other, serving in our neighborhoods and in our city, hanging out, exploring the city, eating meals together, and so much more.  Simply put, Burghs are people who do life together. At their core, Burghs really excel as places to build great friendships that are based on the things that matter in life and can easily last a lifetime.


An h2o City Burgh does life together.

Dialogue Toget​​​​​​​her

Each Burgh hosts a regular dialogue where people get together and discuss the Bible and how it applies to their lives. Dialogues are open to anyone – so whether you’re a Christian, a non-Christian, exploring your spirituality, or unsure what to believe, these dialogues are for you. They’re a great place to connect with people who are willing to be open and real and aren’t afraid to talk about some of life’s biggest questions. 

Hangout Together

Throughout the month, Burghs have hangouts going on that are welcome to anyone. Sometimes it's just one person from the Burgh having the rest over to have a potluck, watch a movie, or play games. Other times, hangouts involve getting out there and going to something happening around the city. Ultimately, these hangouts provide people a chance to make new friends and build great relationships while doing something fun. 

Serve Together

h2o Church believes that the church is to be a vehicle for change and positive influence, not for our own benefit, but for the benefit of the people our city. Burghs are the primary communities where our faith is often put into action within h2o City.  While each Burgh takes on its own particular focus and frequency for serving the needs of others, every Burgh is excited to be serving one another, the neighborhoods, and all of Pittsburgh.


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Yinzer Burgh

Meets Tuesdays @ 6:30p in Squirrel Hill

Clemente Burgh

Meets Wednesdays @ 7:00p in Greenfield

Hot Metal Burgh

Meets Thursdays @ 7:07p in Squirrel Hill