The Basics

When: Leave Pittsburgh 8 am Sat. Sept. 23, return 12-1ish pm Sun. Sept. 24​​​​​​​

Where: Elkhorn Valley, Bergholz, OH

Cost: Scroll down to "Cost" to learn about payment options.

Registration: Click here to register

Deadline: Register AND pay by September 18

More About The Retreat

This will be our fourth annual Greatest Retreat Ever (GRE). The 2017 GRE will take place at Elkhorn Valley Christian Service Camp, which is located in the beautiful rolling hills of eastern Ohio, just over an hour away from Pittsburgh. If you’re looking for a community to belong to and want to build stronger relationships with other people and God, you won't want to miss h2o's annual fall retreat. The GRE features:

  • Powerful messages
  • Incredible worship sessions
  • Great discussions over meals, in small groups, and around the campfire
  • Men's and Women's breakfast on Sunday
  • Tons of free time to spend time with family and friends, play games, take a walk around the camp or through the woods, nap, and much more.

When and Where

The retreat takes place at Elkhorn Valley Christian Service Camp in Bergholz, OH. We leave from Pittsburgh around 8 am on Saturday, September 23, and return to Pittsburgh between 12-1 pm on Sunday, September 24. There is no morning service in Greenfield on Sunday, September 24. Everyone is invited to the 5:01 pm evening service in Oakland.


We are carpooling to the retreat. If you have a car, it'd be a great help if you are able to be a driver. h2o will help arrange rides for people to and from the retreat. Ride information will be sent out September 20. Gas is not included in the cost, so make sure to give your driver some gas money.


  • $55 for all adults 18 and up
  • $30 for kids 5 and up
  • Free for kids under 5
  • If you are an undergrad student, click here to be taken to the page covering information about your cost.
  • Scholarships: If you can't go because of the cost, we have scholarships available, please do not hesitate to contact h2o Pastor John 'Free' Freeman

The cost includes housing, snacks Friday and Saturday night, three meals on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. It does not include gas money for the driver. If you have questions about the cost of the retreat, email h2o Pastor John 'Free' Freeman

  • Deadline: You must register AND pay by September 18. If you can not pay by the 18th, please email  h2o Pastor Dustin Yankasky, to make any needed arrangments.
  • Refunds: We will be unable to refund your costs starting September 19.


Secure your spot today by filling out our online registration form. Please note that filling out the form only holds your spot; you still need to pay in order to attend the retreat. 


You can pay by cash or check to any h2o staffer anytime you see them (Burgh, before or after church, etc.). Make checks out to h2o Church. There is also an option to pay online. If you can not pay by the 18th, please email  h2o Pastor Dustin Yankasky, to make any needed arrangments.

  • Note About Online Payments: There is an additional $3 fee to pay online.


If you have any questions about the Greatest Retreat Ever, contact h2o staffer Zakk Roberts, or talk to any other h2o pastor or staff member. Please direct all money related questions to h2o Pastor Dustin Yankasy,