Throughout each semester, we have different events going on that allow people both inside and outside of our church to come together. Sometimes it's partnering with local musicians to put on a show or giving away free food to 1,000+ college students. Other times it's pulling off a worship night or getting out of the city. Whatever we're doing, we invite you to come hang with us.



MARCH 2019



Fall Retreat

Every fall, h2o hosts a fall retreat. This one night retreat provides a chance to get away from the city, hang out around the campfire, eat meals together, play games, enjoy the outdoors, start new friendships, deepen existing relationships, and pursue God. 

Man Makers

Every year, h2o joins 100's of college age men at Man Makers We eat, sleep, and sing an occasional sonnet. This one-night retreat allows us to share our lives with each other and strive to grow as men who are seeking after the heart of God.

Women's Retreat

Every year, h2o hosts a women's retreat. This one night retreat provides the opportunity for women in h2o to spend time together as they pursue deeper understanding of what the Bible has to say regarding issues women face today.