All of our university team members are support-based missionaries with Reliant Mission. 

Reliant partners with missional churches and Gospel-centered nonprofits to mobilize support-based missionaries for the Great Commission.

Dustin Yankasky




Dustin majored in Japanese and quickly learned that his brain only had the capacity to master one language... so now he attempts to speak English but says words that don't exist (yet!)  He "married up" to his lovely wife Shauntae, and he hopes his children will forgive him for the lack of musical ability they will inherit from him. At h2o, he loves hanging out with people, so if you’re interested, stop piddlefartin’(see!) around and hit him up sometime.

Troy Wallace




Troy became a Christian as a college student and loves helping others learn about and follow Jesus. He loves music, disc golf, and serving the church in whatever ways are needed. Troy has an amazing, godly wife, Megan, who brings him joy every day.


Zakk Roberts




Zakk learned most of what he knows in life from his friend Matt Moore, the back of cereal boxes, and the Bible. It should be no surprise that with such great wisdom bestowed upon him, he graduated with honors from Michigan State in 2010. He loves Jesus and having intellectually challenging conversations about people's beliefs, but he's also down to grab a beer and talk about sports, tech, or politics. In October 2013, he got married to his awesome wife, Leah.

John 'Free' Freeman




Free is a pastor with both h2o City Church and h2o University Church, The majority of his time and responsibilities lay with leading and pastoring h2o City. At h2o University Church, Free uses his 20+ years of experience as a campus minister to serve both the staff and pastors in leadership development, mentorship and pastoral care roles.

Michelle Bedker

Full-time Staff


Michelle is a Northern Virginia native, but went to the University of Missouri to study journalism and Spanish. It was in college that God sparked her desire to go on staff with h2o after graduating in 2014. She’s a big fan of Jimmie Johnson, soccer and country music.

Randall Bonnell

Full-time Staff


There are three subjects that Randall thoroughly enjoys discussing: God, geology, and backpacking. He considers beards and bears to be subcategories of backpacking. Randall considers himself a hippie, though most of the people he has met in the hippie culture have denied him the title. After graduating with a B.S. in Geology from the University of Missouri in May of 2013, Randall went on staff with h2o.

Grace Bonnell

Full-time Staff


Grace originally went on staff with a campus church in Ann Arbor, MI, where she attended the University of Michigan (mainly because of her love for Michigan football). After months of prayer, she decided to step out in faith and move to Pittsburgh to have the opportunity to pursue campus ministry with the addition of life in a city. She loves college football, the Bible and hanging out in coffee shops. 

Brad Hicks

Full-time Staff


Brad's heart for campus ministry emerged while he was a student at Michigan State University. Upon graduating with a degree in advertising in 2015, he raised support and eventually moved to Pittsburgh to be a part of h2o in 2016. He really enjoys talking about the Bible, leading worship, and playing Super Smash Bros.

Erik Santamaria

Part-time Staff


Coming soon!