Our gatherings are a time where people connected with h2o and those just checking us out can come together to learn about Jesus. We are located right in the heart of Oakland, so we have a lot of college students and recent college grads who come to this gathering. During our gathering, there’s worship music and a message from the Bible. People often hang around afterward to catch up with friends and meet new people. We recognize that people will be coming from very different places in their beliefs about Jesus. Wherever you are with that, it is our desire to create an atmosphere that allows people to connect with Jesus without an "Us vs. Them” attitude.



Who You'll See Here

We admittedly skew young, being made up predominately of college students and recent graduates, but we love seeing a room filled with people from every generation. We have people coming from campuses and neighborhoods all over city who are at different points in their spiritual journey and who want to learn more about Jesus. 

Start and End Time

This location is on break for the summer

and will be back in August 2017. 

5:01 PM - 6:31 PM


We gather at First Baptist Church in Oakland.

159 N. Bellefield Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA.



There is street parking available around the church.

Metered street parking is free on Sundays.

What to Wear

We’re pretty casual, so most people who come to h2o dress pretty casual. Feel free to wear jeans and a t-shirt, leave the piercings in, and show off the tattoos. If you're used to dressing up, do it. We don’t really care what you wear, just as long as you wear something!

No Childcare

Children are also welcome at this gathering, but we currently are not offering any official childcare at this location. Childcare is offered at our Greenfield location. If you have any questions regarding our kids ministry, please do not hesitate to contact contact our kids ministry directors at

About The Message

The sermon, homily, lecture, talk, lesson, etc. There are a lot of names for the time in church where someone gets up and talks. At h2o, we call it the message, but if you call it something else, we're cool with that. During the message, we're going to teach from and talk about the Bible because we believe the Bible is the Word of God and our ultimate authority on issues of life and faith. 

About The Music

We believe that we as people can worship God through singing in diverse ways that cross style boundaries. If we can praise God with indie rock, acoustic sets, punk, pop, spoken word, blues, jazz, folk, and more, well . . . why not do it? Currently, we have four different bands at h2o. Whatever their style, we choose our songs carefully, making sure the lyrics are theologically sound.