We are not currently holding Sunday gatherings.

If you have questions, contact h2o Pastor John 'Free' Freeman, Free@h2opittsburgh.org



The Well Spring 2019 Basics

Who: College students at h2o who want to grow as a disciple of Jesus

When: Tuesdays, 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm, January 23-February 26

Questions: Contact Dustin Yankasky, dustin@h2opittsburgh.org

What is the Well?

The Well is a 6-week discipleship experience, designed to give you the knowledge and rhythms of a Biblical disciple. It's our attempt to hop into an airplane and get a 30,000-foot view of what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

6 Weeks // 6 Sessions

Over the 6-weeks you'll go through 6 different sessions as part of the Well. The sessions are taught by our pastors and staff, but they’re not just you getting talked at—they’re both teaching and discussion. You’ll go back and forth between teaching and discussing with a Table
Leader at your table. 

Week 1: A disciple of Jesus is a Follower

Week 2: A disciples of Jesus is a New Creation

Week 3: A disciples of Jesus is a Student

Week 4: A disciples of Jesus is a Servant

Week 5: A disciples of Jesus is a Family Member

Week 6: A disciples of Jesus is a Disciple Maker

Sunday Cycle

As part of the Well, you'll be involved in what’s called the Sunday Cycle. It will give you a chance to see how our church gets up and running every Sunday by serving on one of our 6 Sunday gathering teams each Sunday. You’ll rotate through these areas until the end of the Well. You can also talk to us if there’s a specific area you’d be excited to serve in all six weeks.

1:12 Partners

When you are a part of the Well, you get a 1:12 partner. Your 1:12 Partner will be someone who has already been through the Well, who can
help you process what you’re learning through the Well, encourage you, and talk about life with you. The name comes from Romans 1:12, where the Apostle Paul tells the Roman church that he’s excited to meet them soon, so they can both mutually encourage one another in their faith.

High Expectations

Because we think what we do in the Well is important, we have some fairly high expectations of those participating. You’re required to attend all six Well sessions, to be attending Sunday services and gathering with a Burgh each week, serving in your Sunday Cycle role each week, and to meet with your 1:12 Partner each week.


We want to welcome anyone that wants to participate in the Well, but we’d really encourage you to wait until the next class (Fall 2019) if you feel like you can’t commit this time around. Since the Well is high commitment, we won’t hold you accountable to these expectations until after the first
session of the Well. If, after you experience the first session, it’s not for you, you can bow out no harm, no foul. 


If you have any questions about the Well contact h2o Pastor Dustin Yankasky, Dustin@h2opittsburgh.org or talk to any other h2o pastor or staff member.