John 'Free' Freeman




Free likes to drink coffee and whistle, but not at the same time. Free loves games —  board games, video, fantasy football —  and likes to win; he doesn't play to have fun, except by winning, because winning IS fun. His favorite place to hang is a sports bar with friends, either chilling out or having deep talks. At h2o, Free loves teaching, dreaming in faith with others, managing our university staff, and leading and pastoring h2o City. He is married to Beth, and they made five kids.

David Lambacher

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David grew up in Ohio and Georgia, and likes to think he understands the cultural differences of "The North" and "The South" better than most.  He went to THE Ohio State University where he studied film, and says the film "There Will Be Blood" was a game changer for him.  David strives to love others well, and for himself and others to fully realize their potential in Christ.  He is married to his beautiful wife Allison.